Brand Quadergy: holding company and generator of synergies

As the unifier of our Operational Companies (OpCos), Brand Quadergy adds unprecedented value to our operations by leveraging internal synergies between the OpCos. These companies – experts in their own right with many decades of success in their respective areas – represent a pool of resources that span the entire brand asset management value chain. By coordinating a broad range of specialised services, Brand Quadergy allows clients to save time and costs while optimising the project workflow to achieve seamless efficiency. We reduce complexity, decrease the workload and take the burden off our clients’ shoulders. And this is what makes Brand Quadergy greater than the sum of its parts.

For greater transparency, we have organised our global services into four strategic pillars that encompass all of our current and future OpCos. Our intention is to become the first fully operational one-stop-shop for managing the entire marketing publication process – print and digital – across all touch points. At this time, we already have virtually all of the competences in place to assist our clients to the next level of their communication needs and help them increase overall efficiency. For example, nothing could be more intuitive for us than to use the brand assets from packaging development to build a web shop or launch an e-commerce platform.